What is Cloud Communication (Cloud PBX)?

It's a feature-rich office phone system that teams access from a deskphone, desktop or mobile app. It's 'hosted' which means rather than being a piece of equipment hidden away in the corner of your office, it sits virtually on the internet. Your teams connect to the system using a standard broadband connection - making it easier and cheaper than traditional phone systems.

It has enhanced features like live-messaging, video calling, personal profiles and presence along with all the normal things you'd expect, like the ability to make and receive calls around the office and the country.

Why choose NOW cloud communication?


Increased capability

Unlock the advanced features of a cloud voice and video calling platform and keep your teams one step ahead ahead with over-the air updates.


Improved mobility for teams

Keep teams connected whether they're in the office, out with clients or on the road, through our mobile and desktop apps. Giving your teams the ability to be more responsive no matter where they're based.


Reduced costs

NOW enables your business to avoid the time and costs associated with maintaining and upgrading a cumbersome on-premise PBX. Our simple p/user pricing gives you more control of what you're spending.


Reduced complexity

Intuitive and easy to use. There is no PBX hardware to maintain or upkeep so you can focus on running your business, not your phone system.


Greater reliability

We take care of reliability (by running two instances of your business phone system at diverse locations), meaning should the unexpected happen, you're covered.


Easy to scale up or down

Growing is easier with NOW cloud communication (powered by Mitel). Being cloud-based you'll always have the capacity to grow and easily add extensions, users and sites without the usual complexity.


Responsive support

NOW has a proven track record in offering large and small businesses superior support across NZ. We're experts in cloud communication (and networking), meaning you don't need to be - rely on us.


Disaster recovery and business continuity

Our cloud communication platform can be deployed anywhere via the internet, meaning your business and teams can continue to operate anywhere there is a broadband connection (home, satellite office, shared workspace or overseas)

Contact our local business team to start to understand how NOW can get your business phone system working harder for what matter to you and your customers.