What did they need?

A future-facing telephony system and broadband across four sites to ensure better customer service and management of their practices.


How did NOW help?

NOW took The Doctors through a discovery phase to truly understand their communication challenges and needs, before designing and implementing a cloud communication platform that provided the flexibility to manage even the most challenging of times (COVID-19).


What was the result?

A single-view of patient communication across all four sites, with the ability to better manage staffing to meet the changing needs of patients. Peace of mind to have one number to call to get support on the ground when they need it.

Local, responsive service; that’s caring for you.

Founded in 1989, The Doctors Napier was one of New Zealand’s first medical centres to provide seven day a week, extended hours care to patients. The practice is made up of four clinics; Napier, Greenmeadows, Westshore and EIT, and serves a huge number of patients every day, making effective communication vital. This became even more crucial in 2020 with the impact of Covid-19. The Doctors made the decision to partner with NOW to improve their overall communications and systems.

Before teaming up with us, The Doctors had multiple suppliers servicing their telecommunications and broadband. Phones weren’t getting answered and customers were encountering long wait times. They knew they needed to do things differently.

It was really important to have local support and to be able to rely on one supplier. We did so much more than just tick the boxes. Says Practice Manager Kelly Bayliss, “They’re responsive and accessible. There’s one number to call, one point of contact and they don’t leave us hanging or pass the buck. Having everything with the one supplier makes things really easy as it’s all linked together. We really feel like we’re being taken care of.”


Making sense of the numbers is where it counts

Previously, calls were being lost and to make it worse, staff couldn’t see any detail to make sense of the problems, which meant statistics were an issue. We helped make it easy to see exactly what was happening at all times. Staff have access to reporting and have an improved understanding of call demand. “This helps us to roster across the seven days we operate and inform customers with more information. Using the communications tools to get an understanding of call traffic volumes and patterns will help us to direct patients to the right place in the quickest time using the website and telephone messaging.”


Kelly Bayliss, Operations Manager, The Doctors

Our experience with NOW has been fantastic from the start. We have been really impressed with the support and how fast things happen! They explain everything clearly and simply, and being local, we really value that they can come in and talk with us.

Brynn Uriarau, Senior Business Development Manager, NOW

It gives me great satisfaction to see our technology playing a crucial role in the medical centres and health clinics for The Doctors. As their patient priority, confidentiality and convenience is key, it’s great to be able to give back to the community to enable these possibilities, especially in such uncertain times.


Meeting increased demand with enhanced technology

When Covid-19 hit New Zealand, The Doctors had to make big changes to how they handled their patients, and fast. Turning to virtual consultations saw the practice managing more than three hundred phone-based consults a day. We worked closely with the staff to navigate this time and ensure the huge increase in demand was managed effectively. Doctors, support staff and patients welcomed the changes, adapting to virtual and phone consultations readily. A benefit of virtual appointments has been the volume of consults the team are able to get through compared to before. It’s reduced the stress on clinics and resulted in positive feedback from patients.

We love taking our customers on a journey where they can see how improved technology and systems can make a big difference in how they operate and serve their own customers. Where The Doctors had line congestion in the past, they now have unlimited phone lines with the flexibility to meet demand. They can take as many incoming and make as many outgoing calls as they like. Seeing exactly where all staff are and what they’re doing at all times has dramatically improved the way the practice operates. With NOW taking care of their telecommunications, they can concentrate on taking care of their patients. Just as it should be.

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