Fit for your business

From a basic phone line to a solution fit for a call centre, we’ve got the product to fit.


Great value calling

We don't like to get too complicated when it comes to the basics, so we offer everyday great value rates to the places you need to call.


Simplifying the options

Whether you're looking for a better deal, or simply don't know how to compare, our team can help work out what will work best for you.

Communicating in your business

It goes without saying, communication is at the heart of any great business. As a way of reaching customers (or customers reaching you), connecting teams together and keeping your operations going, it can sometimes feel more complicated than it needs to be. Whether you’re a sole-trader needing a simple phone line, a small business needing to stay connected from anywhere, or a business requiring comprehensive call centre technology, we’ve got the solution for you.

Now Reach

Now Reach

Now Reach is the smarter phone system that enables kiwi businesses to stay connected seamlessly, from anywhere. Choose from a range of state-of-the-art desk phones to use in the office, or pair the Now Reach desktop app with a headset to connect from home, or the Now Reach mobile app to use on the go. No matter where you are, you’ll always be connected with Now Reach.

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NOW Voice Calling PBX

MS Teams Calling

Transform the way your people work with landlines & the cloud on one platform. Now Teams Calling connects your Office 365 phone system so you can make calls to anyone, anywhere.

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Call Centre Solutions

Now partners with Mitel, a leading global provider of contact centre solutions to keep kiwi contact centres operating efficiently – including our own!

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Cloud powerful office communication

Now offers a world-leading office communication service, it just so happens to be hosted in the cloud.

What's a cloud communication system?

If you're confused with all the jargon, don't worry you're not alone. Cloud communications is made possible because of new innovations in technology related to the internet technology. Instead of each business having to purchase, maintain, and implement its own dedicated phone system (housed in your office), provider's like Now have built these services by putting that 'dedicated phone system' in the cloud. This means your staff can connect to your phone system no matter where they are (in the office, on the road or from another country).

NOW Cloud Communication

What are the benefits of cloud communication?

One of the best things is that your business won’t have to tie up capital that could be better used elsewhere. Regular maintenance and periodic upgrades are undertaken by NOW, ensuring that there is no disruption to your business. If any problem or issue occurs, troubleshooting and support is taken care of by Now rather than having dedicated internal or external equipment support people. Cloud communication systems are usually cheaper than traditional phone systems and you only pay for the number of users who use the system, which can be changed easily as your business changes. Best of all, your system never becomes obsolete as you are always on the most up to date service, with regular feature releases and improvements.

Is cloud communication right for my business?

If you are in a premise where you can get a fast internet connection (preferably fibre), your business can take advantage of Now's cloud communications. Now's services make sense for the smallest of businesses to the largest enterprises, with features that will make communicating easier for all of your staff.