What sort of things can you help with?

Our local friendly experts are trained in all the normal tech you'd find in a kiwi home. The things we can help with include:

- Set up Whole Home Wi-Fi for you

- Update computers and device software

- Make your device safer (virus protection and malware removal)

- Set up new devices

- Set up streaming audio or video to devices around your home

- Plan and create your smart home

- Back up music, emails, documents, and files

- And more.

How much does it cost?

Pay as You Go

In-home visit: from $70 for 30mins ($140 for 1 hour)

Over the phone: $35 for 30mins (we don't charge for standard broadband technical support)

Monthly Subscription

$19.95 a month for in-home support (2 visits p.a.) as well unlimited over-the-phone support for all your tech issues as well as product discounts and home wiring maintenance.

$9.95 a month for unlimited over-the-phone support for all your tech issues.

Find out what's included in the subscriptions here.

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