Why are broadband prices increasing?

To keep our exceptional local service, we have had to increase our prices for all our plans and connection types. This increase is mostly driven by a significant increase to the wholesale prices we pay for each customer connection and increasing operating costs.

When was I notified of this increase?

You will have received an email in September outlining the increase for your broadband standard pricing. This may have gone to junk. To ensure you get communications from us in future, remember to keep your email address up to date - either fill in our contact us form or give us a call.
You should also have received an email for each broadband connection on your account.

Do I need to change my automatic payment or direct debit?

Yes, for AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS (that you have set up with your bank) you will need to update this in time for your November bill payment.

If you pay by MONTHLY DIRECT DEBIT we’ll make the change on our end to ensure you’re paying the correct amount.

If you pay by DIRECT DEBIT weekly or fortnightly changes can no longer be made to these, you will either need to move to a monthly or change to an automatic payment from your bank account.

For more info on ways to pay you'll find that here.

Does the price increase affect any promotions or discounts I have?

The broadband plan pricing is the only thing that's changing so everything else remains... you guessed it – unchanged. You will have received an email in September with further information on this.

I have a landline - is the price I currently pay changing too?

No, landline pricing is not changing.

Are there any ways I can avoid this increase?

We can review the plan you’re on with you, and if it’s not quite the right plan to fit your household you might be better off switching to one of our other plans.

Send us an email: accounts@nownz.co.nz or give us a call to discuss your options 0800 438 669.

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