A little bit about us

We're a proud challenger in the telco industry fighting to get Kiwi families and businesses something they've been deprived of for decades, great service.

We take the time to understand what matters to New Zealanders at home and at work, and show them how technology could be working better for them. It’s the simple things like having Wi-Fi that works in every area at home, enjoying a movie without enforced ‘tea breaks’ and harnessing ways to work smarter. These little things become big things and help make our customers’ lives so much easier.

What we believe


Our Vision

To bring the possibilities of our customers digital worlds to life.


Our Purpose

We believe in pushing boundaries because every customer deserves more.


Our Values

We put ‘Customers First’, we ‘Own it’, we strive to ‘Be Famous’, to ‘Be Proud’ and always be ‘Good Sorts’.

NOW Broadband Napier

Our history

We started out in 2002 as a small rural wireless internet provider servicing a few happy Hawke’s Bay locals.

Word spread, we grew fast and became 'Now' in 2012. Over a decade later, we're still providing exceptional, award-winning services and products to Kiwi families and businesses across New Zealand.

Our roots keep us grounded. We don't want to be NZ's biggest telco (we've all seen how that works out) but we do want to be the best & of course the most loved.


Local matters

In this time of cost-cutting and shifting call centres offshore, we’re investing in local jobs and people.

It's a small thing to do, but our customers tell us it makes all the difference. Being looked after by people from their community.

Our call centres are based in sunny Hawke’s Bay and Christchurch, housing a team of around 80 staff. We also have on-the-ground support across New Zealand and a Business focussed team in Auckland.


Quality, not quantity

We’re a telco that punches way above its weight. We put this down to our simple, single-minded focus, delivering our customers the service they deserve. We love being recognised for what we're striving to do for our customers, here's a sample of our recent industry award wins:

- People's Choice for Internet 2022 (Consumer NZ)

- NZs Most Satisfied Customers 2022 (Canstar)

- NZs Best Broadband Provider 2021 (NZ Compare)

- NZs Best Customer Support 2021 (NZ Compare)

- NZs Most Satisfied Customers 2021 (Canstar)

- NZs Most Satisfied Customers 2020 (Canstar)

- NZs Best Customer Support 2020 (NZ Compare)

- NZs Best Customer Support 2019 (NZ Compare)

- NZs Best Customer Support 2018 (NZ Compare)

- Best Broadband Innovation in 2017 (NZ Compare)

You might get the feeling we're proud. We are and we hope our customers are too.

Check out our digital trophy cabinet

NOW Home Tech Assist Your Place

Support, at your place or ours

The internet - and broadband - has been around for a while now but so have its frustrations. When it's working it's great, but when it's not, it gets in the way of things people are trying to do.

We were New Zealand's first telco to realise that Kiwi needed help inside their homes and businesses, not just over the phone. Our friendly experts have been doing what no other provider was prepared to do: visit our customers homes and offices to help.

Regardless of where our customers have bought their tech, we'll help them make the most of what it can offer. We want to make sure Kiwi are spending time enjoying the internet, not trying to make it work.

See how we've helped our customers


Kerrie, Hawke's Bay

"Great service, have been with them for a couple of years and have never looked back. Highly recommend"

Eric, Tauranga

"Now has been an amazing company to deal with, I couldn’t be more impressed with their service."

Carol, Hawke's Bay

"Now Customer Service has been great, they actually make you feel like a valued customer, and very prompt also. Thanks."

Our People

Interested in seeing who's behind the scenes at Now? Meet our leadership team