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MyNow customer portal

The MyNow customer portal is now live. Recent users of the old portal should receive an email with a link to create a password and log in for the first time. The email is sent from "Now NZ" and the reply email is If you have not received this email link to register, you can request this from our customer service team.

Logging in: After you have set your password use your email address (username) that's registered to your Now account, and the password you set up to log in.

Adding or paying by credit card: If you are on a mobile device you will need popups enabled as the payment screens open in a new tab.

Find out more about MyNow

Now Account Number

Your new 12- digit account number will be needed when you are prompted to supply it to us and when you pay us. Remember, if joined before 1 August it's the same as the old one, just with '00' at the end. Of course, our team knows this so don’t panic if you forget, they know it can take a bit to get used to.

Bank transfer payments

Customers who pay by bank transfer will need to ensure they have their customer number in the payee reference field for the payment to be successful.
After 1 August, if your reference is missing or incorrect when we receive your payment, it is likely to be refunded back to the bank account the payment was made from. This can take up to 5-7 business days to refund from the date of payment.


We will be sending simpler invoices and they will be visible in MyNow from September.

How do I read my Now Business invoice?

(Home coming soon!)

Historic invoices from before 7 August will be available on request from our customer service team.

Direct Debits

Now has switched to GoCardless as its direct debit processor as part of these changes.

GoCardless (Direct Debit Authorisation Code 1229648) enables customers to pay us by direct debit. They process the payment from your bank account to ours based on the information you provided when setting up a direct debit. You can find their privacy notice here.

Please note: For customers of Kiwibank and TSB, direct debit payments to Now will appear in your bank statement as ‘DIRECT DEBIT -GOCARDLESS PRIME 190’, not the usual ‘DIRECT DEBIT- NOW NEW ZEALAND LIMITED’. 

This is a legitimate payment to Now New Zealand Limited. We are working with GoCardless to get the description updated to easily identify it as a payment to Now.  

I want to talk to someone

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Call 0800 438 669 or fill in our web form.