Built for speed

Fibre offers speeds to keep you streaming and surfing like there's no tomorrow. When we say it's fast, we mean it.


Consistency for all the family.

Fibre offers everyone in the house the ability to watch, listen, game, work or chat, all at the same time, without any loss of speed.


Reliability you've been waiting for

Fibre provides a step-up in experience with reliable speeds and no buffering even at the busiest time of day.

NOW Fibre Broadband NZ

Meet the new internet

By 2022, 87% of Kiwis will be able to access fibre. It's a brand-new line that connects you to the internet and offers significant improvements over traditional copper. Faster speeds, increased reliability and uninhibited internet access on all of your devices. Meet the new standard of internet.

NOW Broadband Fast Fibre

How fast are we talking?

Try 150 Netflix streams, at the same time, in high definition. When we say fast, we mean it.

NOW Whole Home WiFi

Fibre + whole home Wi-Fi. Limitless potential

If you've got a big home or want to use Wi-Fi in the hard-to-reach places, then pair fibre up with Whole Home Wi-Fi. With Now's range of Whole Home Wi-Fi solutions, you'll get lightning speeds all throughout your home.

Learn more about Whole Home Wi-Fi


Get a free standard install

Thanks to the governments fibre rollout scheme, you can get fibre installed to your home via a standard installation method free of charge. Our fibre plans also start at the same competitive cost as ADSL and VDSL. So, why wouldn't you?

With Now already? Get in touch to upgrade.

Learn more about getting fibre

If you're interested in getting fibre installed, you probably have many questions. To kick-start the process, get in touch and we'll place your order with your local fibre provider.


Once your order has been received, we'll work with your local fibre provider behind the scenes. They'll keep you in the loop about how your order is progressing, and when they're ready to come onsite and begin the work.

Fibre FAQ's

What will I have to pay?

Who is my local fibre company?

Will I keep my copper line?

I have a medical or security alarm, will this work over Fibre?

I've placed my order, what's next?

How do I change a fibre appointment?

I rent my property, how does that work?

What is a scope appointment?

What happens on install day?