Get to know our Hawke's Bay leadership team

Our leadership team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, with 70+ years experience in the technology and telecommunications industries. We like to push the boundaries of what 'traditional' is. We focus on developing easier and more enjoyable ways for Kiwi homes and businesses to get the most from technology.


Hamish White, CEO

Hamish is the face of the Now brand.

Back in 2011, Hamish saw that something was wrong with the NZ telco industry and set about putting it back on the level - delivering Kiwi homes and businesses the levels of service they'd been deprived of for years. As a leader coming out of New Zealand and Australia's largest service brands, Hamish brought the passion and energy that was needed to shake things up. Rest assured he's not all work - Hamish is at home on the ocean, from riding a clean left-hander in Gisborne, to retrieving his prized cray pots from Hawke's Bay's secret spot.

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Brendon Fry, Chief Operations Officer

Brendon is all about making customers lives easier.

As an experienced marketing and service leader, he counts himself fortunate to have the responsibility of looking after Now’s product offering and service experience, including Now’s award-winning support team. He's passionate about understanding our customers and how they want to live and work, with technology in their lives and what role Now can play in helping make this happen. Keep an eye out for him hiking up one of New Zealand's rivers or trails with a fly fishing rod in hand, in pursuit of the elusive trophy brown trout.

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Marie Fryer - Chief Customer Officer

It's Marie’s business to make your business run better.

Bringing a wealth of experience, her ability to delve into what makes Kiwi businesses tick is second to none. Sensational at curating customer solutions Marie loves helping business owners get on with doing what they do best - running their business.

Marie is enjoying getting into life in Hawke's Bay, and all it has to offer. She loves getting around NZ to meet our customers and simplifying their telco experience.

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Juliet Walton, Chief Financial Officer

Juliet holds the purse strings.

If there is someone who keeps us all honest and on the straight and narrow at Now, it's Juliet. With a background in accounting and law, Juliet knows just the right questions to ask, to ensure we're all doing what's best for our customers and for the commercial success of Now. She keeps a close eye on the rest of the leadership team, helping us to make decisions that puts the best value in the hands of our customers. When she's away from the spreadsheets, Juliet loves to pick up a tennis racket and belt tennis balls back to whoever can handle them.

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Rebecca Simpson, Head of People and Culture

Rebecca is our “People Person”.

She’s the one who keeps the focus on our most valuable assets – the people of Now. She keeps the Now culture going and our people thriving so they can better support our customers. With a background in psychology, and People & Culture experience in companies across the globe, she supports the leadership team to ensure Now is a great place to work. After many years exploring the world, Rebecca is loving back being in the Bay. She's making the most of road trips around the country, hiking, outdoor sports, and embracing being close to so many beaches again.

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Harvey, Chief of Security

Harvey is debatably the most loved member of the team.

Harvey doesn't bring with him a lot of experience, but makes this up, in spades, with his strong desire to learn. He has an enthusiastic can-do attitude. To be honest, he was a bit of a wild card appointment. But it was on the back of his forefathers lineage, all coming from long lines of security-related practitioning roles, that we've decided to take the punt. What impressed us most during the recruitment process was his empathy and selfless nature. He exhibited all the traits that any of us would look for in anyone joining our tight little team. He comes across as a real team player. Also, the fact that he too shares the same belief in pushing boundaries and that Kiwi deserve better was just the icing on the cake. He just felt like he was one of us.

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