Getting in touch with us

Need to get hold of us, share some feedback, or make a complaint? We'll show you how.

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Technical support

Need technical support but prefer to DIY? We've got you covered. Check out our support articles to find the solution to your issue.

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My Now account

Need help understanding the in's and out's of your bill? Find answers here. Check your usage too!

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Upgrade / Change your plan

Need more of something or want to make a change? Find out how our plans can work for you.

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Products and services

Broadband, Phone, and more. Find out how we can connect you to what matters.

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All about fibre

Fibre changes the game by offering your home the best broadband experience You’ll have questions. We have the answers.

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Moving house

Moving can be stressful. Shifting your Now services to another address is not. Read our secrets on how to make it happen.

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DIY Support App

Looking to save time by diagnosing and fixing your own internet issue? Check out our self-help smartphone app

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Vulnerable Consumers & 111 Calling

Find out if you need to register with us as a Vulnerable Consumer

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