Whole-home Wi-Fi

Keep your whole home happy online.

Easily cover your whole home with Wi-Fi. Tailored to your home’s size, layout, and household needs. Whole home Wi-Fi lets you enjoy seamless Wi-Fi on all your devices, everywhere. We make it easy to take control of your Wi-Fi from your smartphone and understand your digital household better. It’s time to free your broadband.

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One whole home Wi-Fi unit

All the benefits of whole home Wi-Fi in one sleek unit. Great for homes with 2-3 bedrooms (usually around 90m²) with a simple layout. Your Wi-Fi never looked so good. If you need to reach a distant room, or upstairs then step up to two units.

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Two whole home Wi-Fi units

Get excellent coverage by choosing where to place your second Wi-Fi unit. Reach the room at the end of the hallway or get Wi-Fi into the backyard – it’s up to you. Two Wi-Fi units are great for 2-4 bedroom homes (around 180m²) and can help with tricky layouts. Step up to three units for even better coverage.

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Three whole home Wi-Fi units

You guessed it - three Wi-Fi units are ideal for larger, multi-level homes, or complex layouts. Reach the upstairs office or the backyard sleepout with no dead zones, no worries.

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Don't forget - you can upsize at any time

It's easy to add extra Wi-Fi units to your home if you don't get it right the first time. You can order single Wi-Fi units from our online shop, or give our team a call and they'll get you sorted.


Everyday Wi-Fi: NetComm Wireless NF18MESH

The NF18MESH is our standard router for use with ADSL and VDSL connections. It works right out of the box, no configuration needed. If you need a hand, we're a phone call away and can log in remotely to help with troubleshooting.

Unleash the inner geek:

Below are our router specs, and if that's not enough you can always call and have a chat with one of our technical team.

Whole-home Wi-Fi: TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh System (one, two, three units)


One unit: $120. Two units: $240. Three units: $360.
All units are available for a one-off payment, or split over 12 or 24 months (split payments for Now customers only)


App based setup , control and management.


400Mbps on 2.4GHz / 867 Mbps on 5GHz

2 antennas per Deco unit

WAN / LAN ports

2x Gigabit ports per Deco unit

Everyday DSL: NF18MESH




WiFi AC1600 dual band WiFi with 5GHz AC


1x Gigabit WAN port


4x Gigabit LAN ports

Router management

Remotely by Now