Streaming services offer great value, compared to traditional paid TV services. They often come at the fraction of the cost and are billed month to month so you can turn it of an on as you need.


Viewing on your time

You choose what you want to watch and simply hit play, no more annoying TV schedules and ad breaks to follow. Watch on the go, pause and return to it later if you need.


Customised viewing

Get notifications about new episodes as they become available as well as recommendations for shows you might like based on your viewing history.

Get streaming in 3 simple steps

Great broadband is a must (that's where we come in). From here, there are a few things to consider, we've broken it down into a few steps to help you better understand what you need to do to enjoy streaming in your home.

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1. Be broadband ready

You'll need a great broadband connection along with Wi-Fi that gets to every room you want to watch. And without a doubt, make sure your plan has enough data so you can watch everything you want – especially in HD as that can chew through your gigabytes at monster-like rate. Naturally, unlimited data is best.

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2. Get access to content

There's a range of services available that vary from free to monthly subscriptions - including Netflix, Quickflix, Lightbox, TVNZ OnDemand, ThreeNow, Neon and more. As more streaming players arrive – Disney will be next – more and more NZ households are ditching scheduled programming for streaming services.


3. Setup your devices

All streaming services are accessed through a streaming device. This could be your computer, tablet, smartphone, or smart TV. Each service can be used through a web-browser or an app for certain devices to make finding and playback of your favourite shows and movies much quicker and simpler.

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NOW's 6 top tips for happy home streaming

  • Free yourself with unlimited – moving to unlimited data means you can do more of what you want online without the risk of running out.

  • Speed up for better quality – the faster your connection, the better quality videos you can access. For example, a 4K resolution video requires a min download speed of 25mbps per stream/device. Call to make sure your plan suits your streaming needs.

  • Unlock the secret to fibre – the best kept secret about fibre is that it offers everyone in the house the ability to watch, listen, game, work or chat, all at the same time, without any loss of speed. Even at the busiest time of day (ADSL and VDSL aren't quite as good at this).

  • Check your Router – even the fastest plans can be let down by a lousy router. Your router might not be delivering the speed your devices need to stream smoothly. To find out how your router stacks up, get in touch with our team.

  • Upgrade to Whole Home Wi-Fi – get a consistent internet experience across your entire home, without worry of dropouts, buffering or dead zones. Whole Home Wi-Fi is great for those hard to reach places.

  • Smarten up your TV - No smart tv? No problem. Use a chromecast to make your tv smart and ready to stream.


Choosing a streaming provider

Paid Services

Some streaming providers charge a monthly fee for their service. You get access to a range of TV shows and movies and there are different package options to select from. Some notable players in the space are Netflix, Lightbox and Neon.

Nearly all subscription-based services offer free trials – we recommend trying them before signing up. Also, remember you’re not locked into a long-term deal. If you don’t want the service after a couple of months, you can just cancel and sign up to another one.

Free Services

We can't forget the online offerings of the free-to-air giants TVNZ on Demand and ThreeNow. There’s loads of content there – all the shows you’d normally catch on TV except with the added benefit of being able to watch them when you want.

Common terms to know

  1. BINGEING - Watching a whole series in one-sitting. A great rainy day activity.
  2. HD - High Definition = high quality & sharpness.
  3. 4K - The highest resolution currently available, around 4x that of HD and is fast becoming the standard for new TVs.
  4. CASTING - Allows you to mirror a video (or music and pictures) you're watching on a mobile phone, tablet or computer up to your TV screen.
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