Once the outside work is completed, your local fibre company will schedule an installation appointment. You're almost there, yay!

It's important to be home for this appointment so please ensure you have enough time away from work / other commitments. If you're not home your install will need to be rescheduled.

On this appointment, the contractor will connect the Fibre from outside your home to a newly installed unit inside your home. This device, (an ONT), will connect to your router to provide internet. It will also connect your jack-points to provide a phone-line if you've opted for one.

Once completed, the technician will test both the internet and the phoneline to ensure it's working. They may call us if they need assistance, and we'll work together to get the services live for you. If you have monitored security or medical alarms, please check these are working before the technician leaves. If there's an issue they can resolve it on the spot.

If something slips through the cracks and realize once the technician has left, get in touch with us. We have our own field technicians that can be deployed to assist.

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