Fibre is the most popular way Kiwi can connect to Ultra-Fast broadband in New Zealand. It's more reliable, more resilient and offers many improvements to copper broadband services (ADSL or VDSL).

Unlike copper, which offers a 'as fast as the line will offer' speed, you're able to choose your fibre speed.
Now currently offers 314/108 mbps* and 881/553mbps*.

Fibre connects your home to Now's network via fibre optic cable. As fibre is a line built into your home, there's a bit of work that needs to be completed. We'll liaise with a provider such as Chorus, UltraFast Fibre or Unison, to handle this upgrade and keep you fully informed throughout the process. While connection time-frames vary, we generally advise 4-6ish weeks for fibre to be installed.

The Ultra-Fast Broadband rollout is a Government-funded project to ensure that New Zealand homes and businesses keep up with the developed world. The Government has invested $1.5 billion to lay thousands of kilometers of fibre optic cable throughout the country, with the nationwide rollout being completed by the end of 2022. This will give us Kiwi the capacity and speed to keep up with our future needs, and with the world.

First, you need to check if fibre is available at your address. Check out the national broadband map to see what's on offer at your address. Enter your address and you'll be presented with what services you can access. If you can get fibre and want to connect with Now - get in touch.

* National peak time average speeds ( MBNZ Report, April 2024 ). You may experience higher or lower speeds than this.

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