Tips for creating a passphrase

Use something unique or fun like ‘My dog is 110% HUMAN’ - it’s easy to remember, it includes all the necessary capitals, letters and symbols and it’s twenty characters long!

Try song lyrics or movie quotes, just swap a few letters out for numbers or symbols. And make sure it’s not too common like ‘To infinity and beyond’.

Password health check

Use different passwords with each account. Especially for sensitive accounts like banking and email logins (changing the number at the end doesn’t count!)

Give hackers a hard time by making sure your passwords are changed regularly – especially if they aren’t particularly strong.

Add variation by mixing up the capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

Avoid easily found or personal information like your street name...

Use a password manager

A password manager can help to store all your passwords so you don’t have to remember them. These can be a godsend for when you can’t remember what passphrase you used for what.

We aren’t referring to a note on your phone where they are saved or an actual notebook. We’re talking about an actual purpose-made digital vault to keep your passwords safe.

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