Your first bill might be a bit higher than your plan's monthly price. We charge our bills in advance from the first of the month.

Your first bill will include any part-month charge for the services of the month prior and the full month in advance.

The invoices here are for example purposes only.

Plans and Recurring Charges

There are two date periods under the services:

1) The charge from your connection date to the end of the month.

2) The services for the month in advance.

Moving forward your invoice will only be for one month at a time - charged in advance.


Routers and postage

If you ordered any routers, the full router price (1) and the postage price (6) will be included in your first bill.

Router charges are found under ‘Hardware’. The 'Detail' column gives specific information about the charge:

Routers by instalment

In this example, the customer has opted to pay for their router in instalments so they will have a ‘Device Adjustment’ to credit the router price and then be charged one instalment

3) ‘Residential Hardware’ is the router price.

4) ‘Instalment 1 of 12’. This will appear every month and let you know how many instalments you have paid.

5) ‘Device Adjustment’. This is a credit of the router price as you are not paying for it outright (a negative number is a credit).

6) Under ‘Other Charges’ is the ‘Router Delivery Fee’. This is the postage fee for sending a router to an address.


Promotion pricing

If you joined on a promotion, promotional prices are applied from the date your address is connected to the Now network.

Your promotional price should be applied to both the part-month and the full-month charge - this may be as a credit as in the example below.

If you signed up on a promotional offer this will be applied for the duration of your contract term, after which standard pricing will apply.

1a) Promotional discount for the part-month

1b) Standard price for the part-month

2a) Promotional discount for the month in advance

2b) Standard price for the month in advance.

promo big

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