Checking the speed of your internet is a great way to capture how it's performing.We may also ask you complete this over the phone if we're troubleshooting your connection.

Steps to check your speed:

  1. Make sure all devices are disconnected from the network. If any devices are streaming, downloading or uploading, it can negatively impact the accuracy of your speedtest. To do this, unplug any cabled devices from the router, or turn WiFi off.
  2. Cable one device to the router. Running the test directly from the router ensures the speed isn't being affected by WiFi interferance or any other environmental factors.
  3. Open a web browser and browse to
  4. Click "Go".

After the test is complete, you will be given three values:

  • The 'ping' result will show the time it takes for your device to connect to our speedtest server.
  • The 'download' result shows the download speed.
  • The 'upload' result shows the upload speed.

It is important to note the following about speedtest results:

  • There will always be a small amount of speed loss between NOW and your device. This is due to network infrastructure, line quality, your routers handling of the connection, and of course the device itself.
  • If running the test over wireless, please understand this speed is limited by your routers WiFi capability, the environment it operates on, and the device which is connected through WiFi. It is not accurate to gauge line speeds through a test completed over WiFi.

If you believe the speedtest result is indicating poor performance, we definitely want to hear about it. We think kiwis have been deprived of a decent internet experience for years and we work hard to get the best experience to each of your devices. From simple tweaks, to new routers or powerline kits, we'll have a solution that works for you.

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