Checking the speed of your internet is a great way to capture how it's performing. We may also ask you complete this over the phone if we're troubleshooting your connection.

Before you test:

There are a few things you'll need to do to ensure you get an accurate speed test reading.

Plug it in

Use an ethernet cable to plug your device into your modem/router. Ethernet cables can deliver data many times faster than Wi-Fi, so always plug in your laptop or PC before you start your test. Running the test directly from the router ensures the speed isn't being affected by Wi-Fi interference or any other environmental factors.

If you don't have a device that can be connected by an ethernet cable, you can run a test from a device like a mobile phone or tablet - you will need to place it right next to the router.

Close or restart

Restart your device and exit any applications that may be slowing your system down such as video and music streaming apps.

One at a time

Make sure nobody else in your household is online, your test can be negatively impacted when other people are using the internet.

Choose a server

Open a web browser and browse to Choose a speed test hosted by Now Broadband in the city nearest you.

What can affect your speed test results?

Good broadband is more than just your connection – it’s a combination of factors including your broadband plan, the router (sometimes referred to as a modem) you use, the age of your device or computer, the number of people online and the capacity of your provider's network can all affect your speed test results.

It is important to note the following about speed test results:

  • There will always be a small amount of speed loss between Now's network and your device. This is due to network infrastructure, line quality, your router's handling of the connection, and of course the device itself.
  • If running the test using Wi-Fi, please understand this speed is limited by your router's Wi-Fi capability, the environment it operates on, and the device which is connected through Wi-Fi. It is not accurate to gauge line speeds through a test completed over Wi-Fi.

If you believe the speed test result is indicating poor performance, we're here to help. From simple tweaks to whole home Wi-Fi solutions, we'll help you get the best from your broadband. Get in touch with our friendly team here.

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