Is your device connected to the internet?

Email requires a working internet connection. Check you're connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data. If you're using a desktop computer or laptop that connects via cable - check it's secured and connected.

Has your password been changed or entered incorrectly?

If you've recently updated your email password, you'd need to update it on any device you access email from.
Try using our webmail service. If you can log in here, the password isn't the issue. If you can't, get in touch and we can reset your NOWmail password.

Is your email address a NOWmail email account?

If not, you may want to check with the company that provides your email account:

Are you trying to send mail from overseas?

We may need to enable SMTP authentication on your NOWmail account. Get in touch via phone or email and we can quickly get that sorted for you.

Check your NOWmail POP3 email settings:

POP3 Mail Settings

Incoming settings:

Outgoing (SMTP) settings:


Incoming settings:

Outgoing (SMTP) settings:


Incoming settings: 110

Outgoing (SMTP) settings: 25 (or try 2525)


Incoming settings: Off

Outgoing (SMTP) settings: Off

Authentication type

Incoming settings: Password

Outgoing (SMTP) settings: Password


Incoming settings: Use your mailbox name (everything before the

Outgoing (SMTP) settings: Use your mailbox name (everything before the


Incoming settings: Use your NOWmail password

Outgoing (SMTP) settings: Use your NOWmail password

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