When you try and dial a number, our voice system may ask for a PIN number.

There are a couple of reasons why this may happen:

You have call track on your line.

This means the account holder wants to be able to track calls that are made, or limit toll calls. Please enter the PIN number you have been given and the call will progress. If you are unsure what the PIN is check with the account holder.

You have a billing block on your account.

If you have an unpaid overdue balance on your account, we may block the ability to make toll calls.

This is only done to limit the charges that can be applied to your account. If you're on a payment plan but want to place toll calls, give our customer services team a call on 0800 GET NOW (0800438669).

There is a fault on your line.

Sometimes if there is a fault on your line, it will present in the form of requesting a PIN number. This is easily identified by the fact it will ask a PIN number even when local (uncharged) calls are dialed. If you suspect there is a fault on your line, or a Tollbar has been added incorrectly, please get in touch with our technical team.

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