An overseas number is calling me:

If an overseas number calls and hangs up - don't call back! It's most likely a fraudulent caller who will charge you when you return their call. These numbers originate from many countries so blocking them is quite difficult. We can block all incoming international calls for you, but keep in mind this would block genuine calls too. Get in touch if you need any assistance.

Someone I don't know is telling me about my computer issue:

This is quite a common scam. The caller will convince you there's an issue with your computer and try to gain access to your device. Once they have access, they'll lock the device and charge you to unlock it. If this happens, get in touch with us and we can help.

I don't want someone to call me:

We can block numbers for you - no problem. Give us a call on 0800 438 669 and let us know the number to block. If you're unsure, take down the time / date of when this person called you. We should be able to identify and block it for you.

I've received malicious or threatening calls:

If you feel in danger, hang up and dial 111 immediately. The police will be able to assist you further. The police will contact us for caller information - so don't worry about doing this yourself.

If you don't feel threatened - but the call is still malicious, get in touch. Email us here. We have options to identify and block the person that's calling you.

I think I might have been scammed:

If you have shared private information like passwords for accessing your computer, email, social media accounts etc. you should change those passwords quickly.

If you have given back account access or details of your credit card it's best to contact your bank directly for help.

If you've done anything on your computer or other devices that the scammer requested, you should:

  • disconnect that device from the internet immediately.
  • contact a computer services company for help. They will be the best to help remove malicious software from your computer and secure it.

Reporting scams:

To report a scam let us know via email here

It is also a good idea to report scams to Netsafe here so they can help others stay safe online

Known scams:

Remember to stay vigilant - if it seems too good to be true - it's probably a scam.

For more information on known scams Netsafe's Common Online Scams page is the best place to look, you'll find that here.

For further information and support about phone scammers, visit the NZ Telecommunications forum.

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