There are two things you need to be able to get internet through WiFi on your device:

  1. The WiFi Network Name. This is also called a "SSID" and is the name of your wireless network. Chances are, when you are scanning for a WiFi network, you will also see your neighbors WiFi network.
  2. The WiFi password. This password needs to be entered when joining a new WiFi network. WiFi networks are password protected so no one in your area can use your WiFi.

In your device's settings, go to WiFi / Wireless. Choose the network you want to connect to, and enter the password if it is required.

If you have a NOW router, the WiFi name and password will be both detailed on a card included in the box, or printed on the router itself.

For non-NOW routers, please check the information that came with your router.
It could also be documented on a sticker, so check the bottom / back of the router too.

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