We think Kiwis have been deprived of good internet for years. Part of having good internet is having a router capable of both handling the speed of your connection and being suitable for what you use it for.

Telco provided routers (let's call them standard), often have limited range and capability. If you've got a smaller home, and aren't after smart features, then a standard router might be right for you. If so, that's not a problem. However, what we've found is most customers require a WiFi solution that covers the whole house and a standard router just doesn't cut the mustard.

We'd rather offer you products and services that fit your needs, rather than providing a one-size-fits-all experience a standard router would give. We have a huge range of WiFi and internet solutions available that can be added to your NOW account. If you'd rather look elsewhere, we'll work with you to get your router connected to our network. Feel free to get in touch with our technical team if you'd like more info on whole-home WiFi.

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