If you rent your home or business, you can still get fibre.

The landlord's approval will need to be given and we'd suggest getting this before the scope appointment. We'd recommend getting this in writing, so both parties are clear on the expectations. After all, installing a new line into their home is a change to the property. While the impact is usually low, it's important to let your landlord know you are getting fibre installed. Not getting this consent can also cause delays.

If your landlord isn't keen on any changes, you could remind that fibre could increase the value of the property. It's also desirable for tenants when renting out a property. And of course, having fast broadband is cool.

On the scope appointment, the contractor will agree with you the method of installation. Your landlord may want to attend this, as it's their property that's being altered. However, this isn't a requirement as it's you that signs the installation agreement.

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