Fibre installs are currently covered under the government's Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative.

Most fibre installations are determined to be 'standard' installs with no installation cost to you. Some local fibre companies will have criteria on what's deemed standard, but generally speaking if your home is less than 200m from the property boundary you're good to go.

If - for whatever reason - your fibre install requires homeowner contribution, you'll be presented with a quote fully explaining what the charge is for.

What does a standard install cover?

While it will differ from company to company, the general install will cover:

  • Connecting your property to the fibre network that's been installed down your street. There are a variety of installation methods used to achieve this. Examples are aerially fed, surface-mounted cabling, soft / slot or hard trenching or utilizing an existing conduit.
  • Repairing or reinstating any surfaces that have been altered during the installation process. This is like-for-like replacement or restoration, so if you have any concerns please ensure you speak to the contractor during your scoping appointment.
  • Installing the external termination point outside your property. This is where the fibre from the roadside meets your internal wiring.
  • Installing the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) inside your home. We refer to this as the Fibre box.
  • Connecting Now's router (or your own if you've chosen to keep it).
  • Testing the connection (and phoneline!) to ensure it's all working.

What will a standard install NOT cover?

  • Any installation method requested by you, that's been deemed non-preferable by the local fibre company. For example, you might want your fibre installed on the other side of the property and additional work needs to be completed to trench the fibre optic cable around your home.
  • Electrical work to add additional power points in your home.
  • Moving the Fibre box or external termination point once it's been installed in your home.

We know it's a bit to take in, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

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