Estimating Wi-Fi range is quite difficult. This is because many devices in your home affect the routers ability to provide large Wi-Fi coverage. Fridges, microwaves, internal walls or structures can have an effect on your Wi-Fi performance. Even baby monitors can!

Now's routers offer both N and AC capability. AC is faster but offers a limited range. If you're struggling with Wi-Fi performance in your home, or want your Wi-Fi to cover a larger range, get in touch with our Technical team.

A solution could be as simple as moving your router, running a cable, or testing different Wi-Fi settings. We'll listen to your issue and make a recommendation.

If you want us to dig deep into your Wi-Fi range and signal, depending on where you live, you can book an in-home Wi-Fi health check through our Home Tech Assist service.

Our Home Tech Specialists will test Wi-Fi in every room and make a series of recommendations that ensures you can stream, surf or cast throughout your home. If you'd like to know more about Home Tech Specialists or want to chat to our technical team, get in touch on 0800GETNOW (0800 438 669).

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