The connection lead time depends on what type of services we're connecting at your address.

Copper services (such as ADSL or VDSL) take up to ten working days. This is why we'd recommend giving us plenty of notice. We'll schedule the connection to happen on your move in date.

Fibre services can be connected in two working days if your new home already has an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) installed. When you tell us your new address, we'll be able to tell if fibre is already connected.

If your new home can get fibre, but it's not installed, we'll connect your with ADSL or VDSL so you have working services when you move in. As soon as you've moved, we'll process a fibre order (if you'd like us to, but who wouldn't?).

If you are moving in less than ten working days, we'll do our best to get you connected on move-in day regardless. We're dependent on the supplier (such as Chorus) and their contractors, so if they can accommodate the short notice, we will too.

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