VDSL is a faster broadband service that connects you to the internet in a similar fashion to ADSL. It uses existing copper lines from the local exchange into your home and provides broadband speeds of up 100/50. If needed, we can also connect a phoneline too.

VDSL offers an improved, more reliable copper based internet experience with less buffering than ADSL. It's more suitable for streaming HD movies or TV shows, gaming, and uploading videos. If you've got ADSL with NOW, there's a good chance you can get VDSL too. Get in touch and we can get an upgrade underway.

NOW offers VDSL in many areas of New Zealand. If there's copper lines running down your street, there's a good chance you can get it. We'd definitely recommend NOW fibre though, so why not check and see if you can take advantage of faster speeds? You'll thank us later.

You'll need a VDSL capable router to connect your devices to the internet. We can supply one if needed, or you can use your existing router. (Some configuration changes may be required, but we can do that for you).

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