If your new house has fibre already connected, we'll utilize this connection when shifting your services. We'll ask you what fibre speed you're after and what data cap you'd like. If you don't currently have fibre, we may need to look at your current router and see if it's Fibre capable.

If your new house is in a fibre zone, but the current homeowner hasn't connected the house to the fibre network, we'll need to place a fibre order for you. As the homeowner (or tenant + landlord) needs to sign the fibre agreement for the new address, you'll need to be moved in before we can do that. Don't worry - we'll still connect you to ADSL or VDSL services in the meantime so you're not left waiting.

There isn't a charge to shift address, and there's no cost for a standard fibre install. We did say we'd make it easy for you, right?

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